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Need help on creating the perfect event? Let our professional staff work with you on creating the most memorable event. Ask your representative for more details.
Have you ever imagined having your own feature film? How about having a custom song created just for you? LiquidSky Productions has the talent and technology to make your visions a reality.

Since 1993

LiquidSky has been in the music and entertainment business for over 20 years. The name has changed a couple of times, but so has the industry. The days of doing an event with turntables and vinyl are long gone. Technology has embraced the industry and helped create an easier and more exciting experience. We here at LiquidSky have grown with the industry and have spread our wings to become one of the top entertainment and production companies.

What was once a basic D.J. service, has grown to be a multi facet expansion. We still pride ourselves to be the top D.J. & Entertainment providers, but we are also proud to offer you so much more. You will no longer need to speak with numerous companies to get all the services required for your event. We offer everything from the D.J. to the audio and video production. We can book and create your entire event, while you worry about the fun and exciting details of the event.

There is more to LiquidSky that may be of interest. We also offer Talent Management, recording, bookings and even an Independent Record Label (Revenge Records). The list continues, but that is why we have a Services page. What we want you to know is that we are the professionals that have always come through. We are the ones who built this industry by word of mouth and strong client recommendations. The most important thing that we can tell you about us is that we offer one thing that no other company in the industry will EVER offer… We offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Confidence is one thing, but experience is another. We know, based on experience, that we go beyond everyone’s expectations and we guarantee that we can do that each and every time.

  1. Fundraisers
    LiquidSky has a 501c Non-Profit and we are able to help your organization raise funds & obtain charitable donations.
  2. Public Events
    Is your community, municipality or public safety department looking to have an event? We are experts in creating community events and provide numerous options for entertainment.
  3. Live Music & Entertainers
    Looking to have a live performance? We have many bands, comedians, recording artists and performing artists available for your venue. Contact a representative for more information.
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